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  Onyx hair falling straight down to his upper back stray strands collapsing into his face covering his eyes some what as he peered upon the ones around him. Serious looking eyes pierce souls as they looked unforgiving and hostile to most he didnít trust many as they all seemed to do that same and push him away. Thin muscular face came to an eye brow piercing, followed by two ear piercing in one ear and one in the other and a thin neatly trimmed goatee that added to the attractiveness he held. Strong and insanely toned body flexed almost like stonework covered in inked black tribal tattoos. They waved and curled all around his form leaving no pure blank patch of skin against his strong arms and neck. Custom styled shirt held together in two placed on his sternum and the other over his abs. The black leather shirt held tight to his form as it outlines and shows every detail it hid not really hiding anything to the view of others. Right wrist wrapped in a fighting wrap that covered all his flesh to his hand then up to his forearm covering some of the intricate tattoos. His other wrist protected by a leather gauntlet that was centered with a metallic substance that held strong and could block the blows of swords and daggers and much more. Large metal belt clasping his pants up which also led into a stylized cup that fit his outfit to make it blend almost completely. Leather leg and knee guards stood out on this out on this outfit showing it was made for fighting and to protect him rather well. A pair of leather boots finished the outfit as it was worn proudly by the arena fighter. There was a characteristic of this fighter that of set most. His large black wings that folded out of his back, his odd actions towards the feathered appendages were a teller they were new to him they were gifted on to him by the one who sent him to the new land.



His wings style and look